Music to Nurse One’s Heart and Soul: Kuda-Kwashé Weaves Ethereal Experiences

With his soulful Hip Hop and R&B music, Kuda-Kwashé creates a complete ethereal experience for anyone looking to enjoy slick and classy musical beats while internalizing a deep and resonant message

Surrey, United Kingdom – January 28th, 2021- Creating strong and soulful musical tunes and compositions, Kuda-Kwashé is set to soar and become the next big R&B sensation as he sets his sights on charts and success with the release of his latest record titled “Bullet Train”. Released on 27th November 2020, the single is one where Hip Hop meets R&B and is infused with Reggae.

When in production Kuda-Kwashé worked on the motivated and energetic idea of producing and creating a record where it felt like “Dr Dre, Eminem, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland getting invited for brunch at Bob Marley’s house”. In this record he is talking to and addressing a woman he is interested in, and deep down he claims that he knows this situation could be complicated down the road, but the record reflects his feelings, sensations and just the enthralling experience of meeting someone you are interested in.

The record has been produced by Jack Vasiliou and has been recorded at Surrey Studios in the United Kingdom. The music video was directed by QU4TRO ENT and cool style pieces were put together by stylist Rachel Herbert and vintage/retro VW Campervan experience was provided by Nathalie Selvon-Bruce, CEO and Founder of Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers. Photo credit goes to Tony Pullen.

With his music, Kuda-Kwashé believes that listeners will be able to internalize euphoria and feel the high emotions and intensity of every word, as well as relate to the words that are being said in the musical compositions. Kuda-Kwashé strongly believes that the music he produces will allow people to feel a hybrid fusion of love and grit, whilst transcending feelings of listener’s heart warmth, heartbreak, and other feelings associated commonly with the process of building relationships.

After the success of the released single, Kuda-Kwashé also plans on releasing his upcoming singles ‘Green Queen Pepper’ and ‘Infinity X Infinity’, both of which continue his vocal and narration strengths and provide stunning R&B music. He also intends to continue his trilogy with the release of his full-fledged debut album titled “Casanova’s Comicbook”.




Kuda-Kwashé was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to the UK at the age of 15. He began writing music at the age of 13, and then began creating instrumentals and recording in the studio in high school shortly after moving to the UK. Music has always been a deep passion of his- a therapy and the go-to way for him to express himself fully. Kuda-Kwashé is also a student mental health nurse, and plans to continue his musical career by merging R&B with soulful lyricism.



Name: Kuda-Kwashe

Phone: +447776295759

Email: [email protected]








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