Mr.Velez “El Asesino” The Assasin’s Latin Flare

Mr.Velez El Asesino The Assasin ReviewMr.Velez “El Asesino” The Assasin does hip hop with a Latin twist. “What Happened To Our Love” has a good idea behind it and the music is strong, but the vocals could come up a little stronger. You get a Latin flare with “La Tradicion.” Here the vocals stand out above the beat. You can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of a war zone with “Known Around the Globe.” It sounds like you’re being sung to through a walkie talkie and the music is a bit menacing. The best to come from Mr.Velez “El Asesino” The Assasin may be “Mixed Emotions.” It was a very simple track where the vocals and music synched up perfectly; no problems with either. If you’re into hip hop that has a Latin base, then you may want to take a second to partake in what Mr.Velez “El Asesino” The Assasin has going on. (

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