Mr. Adams ReviewMr. Adams is an emcee with some major tricks up his sleeve. “Inspiration” starts like a nightmare in a house of horrors with Gollum coming through. Then Mr. Adams comes in and keeps things pretty serious. With a song that mentions the King of Pop you have to expect something a little upbeat. That’s what you kind of get with “Dance Like MJ.” He lets his hair down a bit for this one, but not too much. “Sunsets” is completely out of left field. Mr. Adams sings on it, like really sings – like singer/songwriter. Then it’s less surprising when you hear other tracks like it like “Tip of My Tongue.” Then he gets back into the swag of things with “Dance Floor Illusions.” We end kind of where we started with the serious tone of “Plight of Thomas.” If you like hop hop, but are also a fan of singing and being a little surprised, check out Mr. Adams. (

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