Miami’s Explosive Lyricist Lil Charles

Miami-Dade county. Down South. Lil Charles and From Behind Records. If you don’t know, you soon will – Lil Charles and his crew of hot aspiring artists are making noise in South Florida, led by his latest mixtape, Explosive Lyricist, which even T.I. himself has recognized. Tracks such as “The MIA,” “Calling All DJs” and “Pyrex,” lead the charge, immediately giving listeners a taste of that Miami flavor.

Inspired by a lifetime in some of the area’s toughest neighborhoods and a host of artists such as T.I., T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Blood Raw and others, listeners will be able to leap right into the world of Lil Charles at a moment’s notice. Watch out for gruff, raw rhymes, memorable hooks and even more in his latest track “Keep Hatin’ On Me.”


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