Mesmerizing Listeners with Rich and Dynamic Blends of Old School Hip Hop and New Age R&B Mixes: Budding Artist #9NINE Unveils New Album Stressing that Hip Hop Music Matters

Crafting a unique and characteristic vibe in the fast-paced, varied world of Hip Hop and Rap, up-and-coming singer, and song writer, #9NINE is all set to captivate listeners, as he builds on his own brand of music, with release of his new album ‘FOR THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC’.

Washington, D.C – June 10th, 2021 – Making a name for himself in the electric world of Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap, growing singer and song writer, #9NINE is motivated to make a mark in the industry. Set for success, the seasoned singer hopes to unveil his unique identity, intricately woven together, using nostalgic Old School style Hip Hop immersed within moving and catchy contemporary rhythms.

With the release of his stirring new album, “FOR THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC”, the budding artist is looking forward to breaking into the fast-paced music world, with his soulful new singles. Having released on January 21st, 2021, “FOR THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC” highlights the sheer brilliance which artist #9NINE has to offer to the world.

Mixed and mastered by the talented powerhouses behind Prod by E.M.P, the new album showcases a characteristic and catchy soul vibe, which is rooted within a grimy soundtrack. The magnetic 12-track album includes the rich and captivating singles, such as “You Know I” and “What We Smokin On”, which features rising talent PhaseTen Astro, and the single “Don’t Care”, featuring Whop, among other memorable tracks.

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#9NINE is an up-and-coming singer and song writer, who is set to inspire listeners with his dynamic Hip Hop and Rap artist, hailing from Washington, D.C. A Rock band product, #9NINE was born and raised in Southeast Washington, D.C, and has had experience rapping since the young age of 12. Living in a one-parent household in a drug abused family, the eclectic artist had to face the brunt of raw and hard-hitting life truths-something that also inspired him to pursue music as a channel for expression.

With old school Hip-Hop styles imbued within a contemporary New School Style of Rap, #9NINE aims to continue working on new music, with the ultimate goal of being free of financial struggles to create his own music.
“I love to create music like having an itch that you got scratched…I love to perform and write,” says the growing artist regarding his passion for music.


Name: #9Nine (City Life Elite)
Phone Number: (202)-582-9435
Email Address: [email protected]




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