Menace The Savage’s Quest to the Top

Menace The Savage ReviewOhio’s own Menace The Savage gives audiences something to hold onto with his bold hip hop stance. There’s something a little menacing about “One, Zero, Zero”…which makes sense given the emcees name. It’s a clever take on 100. I see what you did there. I didn’t expect to hear what I heard when “Fake 2 Me” started. It started with this Spanish guitar and that was heard throughout; different but pulled off well. Deja The Artist hopped on to help out with “No Love.” She didn’t give an R&B hook, but rather spit out her own rhymes as well. You can hear Booman bringing it with Menace The Savage on the forceful “Respect,” energized “Shake It” and hype “Til I Die.” He can do it on his own though and does with “Special D-livery.” Whether he’s playing well with others or on his own, Menace The Savage does his thing. If you’re a fan of Ludacris and Scarface, check out Menace today. (

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