Meloyoung’s Music Is Both Inspirational and Educational

Creating rich and soulful musical compositions Meloyoung is using his talents for communal betterment, teaching crucial messages through strong lyricism.

Minneapolis, MN –  Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Meloyoung is a true inspiration when it comes to R&B and Rap music. The young and budding singer is a powerhouse of talent and inspirational music. With his new single, he intends to build upon a legacy of inspiring and soul-stirring music, with his characteristic and unique style and musical abilities and talents. Meloyoung stands out in today’s musical scene due to his powerful and striking style, which makes use of strong and memorable lyrics and songwriting which complements R&B and Rap music and beats.

In the backdrop of socio-political movements for social justice such as the Black Lives Matter, strong proponent Meloyoung recounts his own trials and tribulations, experiencing problems as a young black man in the United States. With rich and vivid artistic expression that soothes and calms, and educates listeners, Meloyoung is intent on producing musical masterpieces such as his stunning single “BLM Just the Beginning”. Highlighting black history and experiences unique to him, Meloyoung brings to the Rap genre a breath of fresh air with his beautiful musical compositions that are both motivating and burning reminders of social justice and equity in today’s fast-paced society. His upcoming musical track, “BLM Just the Beginning” is all about the history and experiences centered around Black Lives Matter- a touching tribute to a movement that is driven by the people and is intent on creating a more tolerant and equitable society for everyone. The lyrics curated by Meloyoung, in particular, are both rhythmic and complement his beats and music with narrative strength that is relatable and touching for black audiences and listeners of the Rap and R&B genres. His smooth and soulful vocals provide a stirring and memorable compilation in his single “BLM Just the Beginning”.






Up-and-coming singer and song-writer Mellow L Stewart also known by his stage name Meloyoung hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The budding singer got into music as a hobby, expressing his creative juices and talents fully by releasing his 1st single titled “One More Chance” in 2020. In 2021, he followed up with another beautiful and memorable single titled “BLM Just The Beginning”- in the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests that struck the U.S in response to rising racism and intolerance. Amassing more than 15,000 views, Meloyoung’s music continues to rise to popularity, pushing the singer and song writer into the industry.

Bringing a much-needed inspirational message and striking lyricism to musical compositions, Meloyoung continues to produce stunning and striking musical compositions that center around his own unique experiences and life. Meloyoung hopes that people will be able to appreciate his vocal talents and musical prowess, along with internalizing the message he wishes to put out through his music.



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