Saint Cloud, FL — Orlando, FL rapper, singer, songwriter, and music producer, Raymiz2f returns yet again with his latest single “Ever Needed” expected to release on the 8th of April.

Following his preceding single “Troubled” released about a month ago, the melodic rapper and producer does not want to rest on his success and has now another single dropping soon. Slated for the 8th of this month (April), Ever Needed is a diverse Hip-Hop track that is setting out to conquer the charts.

An acclamation to his personal experiences, the single entails lyrics that tell the dark thoughts, confusions, & pleasures of life. Written and produced entirely by the prodigy himself, Raymiz2f is bringing back the originality to music from Orlando. The multi-faceted rapper is no stranger to the existent entertainment scene. His one-of-a-kind talent and personality have always elevated him to some of the highest places in the Hip-Hop fraternity and rubbed shoulders with some renowned rappers in the studio.

Originally from Boston, MA, rapper Raymiz2f started doing music around the age of six. Stepping out as a young lad with a rare gift, he won a couple of Hip-Hop talent shows at that tender age. As his agility increased over time, Raymiz2f moved to Orlando, FL, where he is currently based and initiated his career as a Hip-Hop/rap artist and music producer.

With a discography including tracks like; On Purpose, Right Now, Waiting on You, & many other tracks, the gifted lyricist took a step to embody his vocal abilities in most of his tracks and make his sound more alternative. Fusing together Hip-Hop, Pop/Rock, and alternative sound, Raymiz2f has been able to create his original catchy vibe that has always been appreciated by many of his fans.
His musical ingenuity is always top-class.

Raymiz2f is currently on a wave of success and has a good chance of repeating the success of his earlier releases with his forthcoming single “Ever Needed.” As a contributor to many independent artists’ careers through his own label, the rapper has mastered the art of distribution and connecting to the biggest brands.

Following onto his soon-to-be-released single is also a ton of other projects currently in the studio, which he intends to drop about every month, alongside an EP that will contribute to his next studio album. Many of these coming projects will feature a couple of renowned artists and will affirm his versatile style in the art of music. His new single “Ever Needed” is about to turn into the fan’s favorite with its chill vibe and mollified vocals. Raymiz2f has already set this track on pre-save if you visit his official website (, or on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Raymiz2f, a melodic singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from Boston, MA. He is currently based out of Orlando, FL.


Name: Raymiz2f
Address: 801 Wisconsin Ave, Saint Cloud, FL
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8573897407
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