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Prepare To Know The Uplifting Artist Nony1

Athens, Georgia – You are never too old to pursue your passions. While the world can feel like a difficult place, seizing the opportunities that present themselves is part of what makes life worth living. Upcoming artist Nony1 is seizing his opportunity with both hands.

Nony1, which is short for Anonymous One, is an upcoming Rap and Hip Hop artist based in Athens, Georgia. The artist has always been an entrepreneur at heart, having initially started his own company. Unfortunately, circumstances weren’t the best for him, leading to several setbacks in his life.

Now, at the age of 35, Nony1 has turned his life around and decided to release the music he has been writing. During every period in his life, especially the most recent life events, Nony1 continued to write music to cope with events.
On facing the threat of yet another possible issue, Nony1 has decided to release the music he creates. Nony1 has dared to turn his life around and pursue his dreams at such an important juncture of his life. With his children as his best cheerleaders, Nony1 feels ready to take over the world.

Nony1 has a dream for his music. He dreams that his music will be a catalyst large enough to change people’s lives. His story and the tumultuous journey have been expressed repeatedly in the music. He hopes that some out there will be inspired and know that they aren’t alone in their predicament.

As a poster child for chasing your dreams, Nony1 pushes every one of his fans to dream big and to live a little. His own efforts have been released on every major streaming platform and will continue to be added to. Check out the artist’s Youtube channel as well!





Nony1 is a Rapper and Hip Hop artist based in Athens, Georgia. After going through several years of loss and hardships, the rapper is now starting a new career. Starting out in the music industry isn’t an easy feat, but Nony1 is determined to make it happen.



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