Manifesting Social Change Through the Power of Music: Artist BWilly Looks to Make His Mark with His Second Album Release

BWilly is on a mission to bring substantial positive change around the world. His second album is uplifting listeners with dazzling beats in “Manifesting”.

Eugene, Oregon – July 23rd, 2021 – Wanting to leave his mark on the music industry at large, BWilly has emerged on a transformative quest to change the greater landscape of the music world with the release of his second album “Manifesting” which aims to showcase his production capabilities. A multi-talented composer, producer, rapper, singer, photographer, and all around creative light warrior; he is fulfilling his soul mission to help facilitate the growth of others using his musical talents and gifts. He feels is it his duty to help illuminate the path for others who seek light and truth and you can feel it through his music!

Born in Nashville, Tennessee but raised in Eugene and Portland, Oregon respectively; BWilly is bringing a fresh and positive attitude to the world music scene.

He engages in all aspects of the creative process and his vibes can be felt through any project he plays a roll in. From songwriting, to production, to instrumentation, to recording, to cover art and music videos; no matter what it is you can be guaranteed that BWilly will leave his positive mark upon it.

“Music is in my blood. I love creating dope beats for people to vibe out to. I love making music that helps heal the listener without them even realizing it. Even when I’m making a head banging trap beat, I still put a lot of love and light into my creations, and I feel that is felt and received on the other end. I do not take my creative talents and their transformational abilities lightly.”

Keeping true to his roots of facilitating positive change, BWilly (aka Brennan Williams) is using his artist platform for good. He started his own charity endeavor in the form of the “Lightwarrior Fund” which was setup to be able give back to the communities that raised him as well as to people around the world that are going through dire times of need.

“I have been put through a lot in this lifetime. The good the bad and the evil. It is the storms in life that shape us into the people we are meant to be.  I know I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing at this time. I know my calling and I’m bringing myself to the table fully prepared to take the world by surprise! My angels remind me regularly and for that I am grateful. With my daughter and the hardest working woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my girl, Lil Bundt Cake, by my side. Together we are going to leave our mark on society for the better. God has big plans for us. Those plans include helping others and helping mother earth using my God granted gifts to create real opportunities for us all. There are so many amazingly talented and beautiful artists from Oregon that I’ve been connecting and collaborating with lately and Prestige Worldwide Consulting is going to sign and represent some of the best talent the 541 has to offer! We will put Oregon on the musical map and I have no doubt we will be as big as Young Money here real soon because I’m manifesting it!”

A multitalented master of the arts, BWilly’s second album “Manifesting” sees him focusing on instrumentals, as he shows you his mesmerizing and high quality music production skills built over the last 7 years. It is for this reason that he has not stuck to a single genre, showing a spectacular range throughout his career.

Visit BWilly’s website ( to check out/ download/ and buy his music, watch his videos, or follow him on social media. Feel free to contact him for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations. Check out and donate to the BWilly Lightwarrior Fund or buy some BWilly merchandise of which 77% of net profits get donated to the fund to make the world a better place!




A musician since 2014, BWilly has shown substantial growth as a music producer and composer. Now putting out his second album, he has shown great ability to expertly shift genres and excelled expectations set for him with not only the quality of his output, but also the unity he brings to people worldwide through his music.

Having created over 100 pieces of music to date BWilly has learned to manage every aspect of the creative process and he looks forward to sharing that knowledge with others. He owns and operates Prestige Worldwide Consulting LLC, which is the label he operates under as well. His goal is to attract  all types artist to create amazing content with and looks forward to collaborating with the biggest artists in the world. In addition to this, Prestige Worldwide Consulting is heavily involved in the legal hemp, cannabis, and emerging psychedelic treatment for consciousness disorders markets. He believes in the overall power of plant medicine to help heal the world!

BWilly timed his album release on a date very special and dear to his heart, 07/14/21. As a believer in God and his army of Angels, he connects with the spiritual realm regularly through numerology. There is power in the number 7 and this date will no doubt be dear to all of us in the coming days, as we all become familiar with his signature line, “It’s a BWilly Beat Yo!”



Name: BWilly
Email: [email protected]



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