luker-aka-thc-reviewLuker AKA THC is a lyricist from South Carolina that has his moments of weakness but prevails with a sense of self. “Know I’m Just Fine” starts with an almost pop feel, but then kicks in with a beat and his rhymes. I’d say that was one just okay and could’ve been stronger. It was unlike “Karma” featuring Gudda Deniro. That was one a meatier track that was more put together and packed more of a punch. The lead in to “Imma Regular” was great, it build up the anticipation and made you wonder if it’d explode with energy at some point. It never really had that burst, but kept on a steady path that stayed in the middle of the road. “All My Life” was a lot more energetic than the last that had this Drake feel in the delivery. The best of the whole lot was “My Purpose.” Confidence is key in anything and this one showcased Luker AKA THC’s belief in himself and it came across as genuine, making it a song that stood on its own two feet produly. If you’re into hip hop that’s DIY, check out Luker AKA THC.

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