Louie Bang Blasts Onto the Airwaves

LOUIE BANG ReviewOne thing people don’t know about radio is that you have to capture listeners within 2-3 seconds or they’ll change the station. That’s what makes Louie Bang a strong contender for airwave domination. What’s great about introducing yourself to the music world with a song like “Partition” is that you guarantee yourself a spot in the back of their head. It’s not catchy in the way a pop song is, but the beat allows you to at least hum along. “My Lady” though has a more old school, ‘90s hip hop feel like something you’d head on the west coast then. By now I can tell the best thing about Louie Bang is that he doesn’t waste your time with long intros that lead nowhere. He jumps right into things like with “Hip Hop (I Don’t Love You)” and the freestyle from “Elevators.” We get a little intimidation from “Let Me Fly.” Up until now it’s been more lighthearted but here he brings some aggression to shake things up. If you’re a fan of emcees who won’t waste your time, check out Louie Bang today. (https://soundcloud.com/jacob-vinson-jr)

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