Lou Jefe is the World’s Next Best Hip-Hop and Rap Rising Sensation

With an iconic grasp over the genres of Rap and Trap Music, Lou Jefe is the ultimate newcomer set to redefine the very bounds of music with a horde of stunning musical compositions and projects lined to be presented

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – An up-and-coming artist who is set to change the course of Rap and Hip Hop with welcome musical re-definition, Lou Jefe is the best kept secret of Milwaukee. The talented and phenomenal musician and producer is known for his strong and soulful musical compositions which will ensure his place is solidified in the country’s Trap and Hip-Hop scene.

While much of today’s wide and booming Hip Hop scene reels from the absence of good songwriting and production, this new sensation is bound to become a favorite for critics and fans alike as he sets his sights on the release of a fresh new single and video.

The splendid new artist’s new single titled “GEEKN” will be accompanied by the fresh and iconic vocals of Fabo also known as D4L through his styled name. With the features of legendary Hip Hop artist D4L, Lou Jefe has produced and worked on one groovy and hip track. D4L is previously acclaimed for hits like Geeked Up, Laffy taffy and Tatted Up.

Along with the track titled “GEEKN”, Lou Jefe is also working on and producing an upcoming new 10 song album which is titled “3278”.





Lou Jefe’s storied life could be a novel. Originally hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lou has always been a hustler but knew he could accomplish so much more than that through the medium of music. He wanted to break the cycle of failure that his family and neighborhood suffered through. As a teen, he envisioned his destiny as being the CEO of his very own music label. When he turned 20, he pursued music full time and used the money he made hustling to further his career. Lou Jefe’s venture began with local artists, however it suffered as investments did not pan out as expected. However, Lou got armed with great experience and instead directed his energies towards his own music, making great strides in the genres of Hip Hop and Trap. Working with heavyweights such as Mike Jones, Earl E. and others, Lou cites the Chicago Bulls dream team for his basketball-inspired track titled “Pippen” featuring BCF Money Man. Lou puts his heart and soul into creating music with original sounds and believes in himself as the baker of beats.

To this end, he is also the CEO of Bakery Entertainment and as head “Chef” created an assortment of sweet treats to listen. The Bakery is specifically tailored and made for Milwaukee as it is a different production scene than mainstream Trap House which does not quite catch Hip Hop’s vibe.



Name: Lou Jefe

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (414) 210-6509



Instagram https://www.instagram.com/loujefe_bmg

Twitter https://twitter.com/darealloujefe

Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lou-jefe/1188825571

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/louis.bolden.104

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBakery414

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