Lo-Key Music Group Unveils Money Zoe’s New Album, ‘Black King’

Listen to Money Zoe’s Newly Released Hip-Hop And Rap Music

Atlanta, Georgia – Money Zoe is a New Jersey-based rapper who is most fluent in is the language of music. His passion for music runs deep, with his first songwriting experience going back to his teenage years. He has had to power through dire circumstances by giving it his all, and that is the mentality with which he creates his music. Money Zoe uses the sounds of hip-hop, R&B, and rap along with story-telling lyrics, producing music that holds profound meaning to him and his listeners.

The rapper has recently come out with his long-awaited album, ‘Black King,’ containing three singles. Each song has its own personality but surrounds a general theme of confronting reality with a positive and resilient outlook. The singles “Black Lives Matter,” “Karen,” and “Melanin” revolve around the realities of people of color in society. The artist is trying to convey the message of accepting and embracing this community with love.

Money Zoe is a rising star with successful singles like “Whip It.” The single is currently played around the clock on popular stations like Power 105.1 FM and Sirius XM radio. The song has also featured in international tv shows, helping the artist build some recognition in the entertainment industry.

‘Black King’ is an exceptional album that allows listeners to relish heartfelt music. The rhythm and tunes are designed to appeal to listeners of hip-hop and rap style music. The Lo-Key Music Group hopes to provide positive and life-changing experiences for fans by introducing them to a rising star like Money Zoe.

Check out Money Zoe on the Lo-key Music Group website. Listeners can download ‘Black King’ on iTunes and Bandcamp. Listeners can also follow Money Zoe on Instagram for all the latest updates on his music. Contact the artist’s manager, Karim A. Rasul, for interviews with the information given below.





Money Zoe is a New Jersey-based rapper and songwriter. Born into a proud Haitian family, his triumphant story involves using his unequivocal ability to overcome unimaginable struggles. He uses his natural talent as a singer-songwriter to convert his experiences into meaningful soundtracks. He is an eclectic and diverse artist who loves to play around with different music genres, including rap, afrobeat, R&B, and pop.


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