L.i.L. Pooh and His Girl Dilemma

L.i.L. Pooh and His Girl Dilemma L.i.L. Pooh is a MC who compares the women in his life through song and comes out on top of it all with a drink in hand. “Keisha No Regina” has a lot going on. There’s the comparison between the two girls found in the track title, the strong force of the delivery and then all the other elements we’ll get to. It seems like Keisha isn’t as great as Regina. That’s apparent but I’m not sure I get why. I mean it’s clear that one girl is better for L.i.L. Pooh but I’m never sure why. Maybe I’m reading too into it because other than that, “Keisha No Regina” goes hard. The song is well produced for an indie artist. You can hear time was taken to make this song pop in multiple ways. There’s the nightlife atmosphere that’s painted with fine lines thanks to drinks galore, and the love of them. The rhyme scheme also allows for “Keisha No Regina” to be an easy one to learn and sing along to after just a few listens. The catchiness of it can also be attributed to the fresh beat. If you like artists like T.I. and 2 Chainz, then check out L.i.L. Pooh. (