Life tried to crush her – But just like a diamond the Pressure only made her shine!

Salt Lake City, UT — With a long-standing passion for music, this Contemporary R&B/Neo Soul artist has blossomed into a beacon of hope and encouragement for other women and children that may have traveled a similar path as she has. Today after struggle and loss and a new lease and appreciation on life, LadeeKae has allowed herself to grieve and slowly make her way back to the love of music she had once lost. Through her experiences, she is now using her voice to tell her story and touch everyone along the way. Make sure you don’t miss out on her story of true strength and perseverance!

LadeeKae released her first independent album recently, which was simply a therapy project for her. Along the way she has released various singles and collaborations with other artists, all an intricate part of her grit, will, and determination to make her own history while detailing the trials and tribulations of her past. Check her out on all streaming platforms and get ready for some undeniable vibes.

Ladeekae is a pure embodiment of “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – It would be wise to assume that there are people in the world that shrink under pressure, however, there are those certain individuals that not only thrive, but shine!

Nothing more can be said about an artist that has been put through the fire and pressures of life as coal and come out sparkling like a diamond but, this in fact can be said about LadeeKae.

Born and raised primarily in Seattle Washington, this Salt Lake City resident brings a saucy and sultry sound to the world that is riddled with the trials and triumphs of her life. It is but one journey we have- She intends to make the most of it!

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Straight from Seattle,WA- LadeeKae (Lay-dee-kay) is an up and coming artist in the music scene of Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a diverse sound and loves many different types of genres. She quotes “Whatever vibe you on – I’ll match it”.


Name: Ladee Kae
Address: 465 pamela way, 3, Salt Lake City, UT
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3854647013




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