Li Li Nicols Is Ready To Own The Hip Hop Scene With Her New Single

Atlanta, GA — October 26th, 2021 – Up & coming artist Li Li Nicols is all set to make her presence known and heard in the hip-hop industry with the launch of a new single. Nicols has a knack for creativity and unique artistry, making for great releases when paired with an exceptional work ethic. The artist is bringing something to hip hop that has been missing for a while now: authenticity and rawness that only comes from lived experiences. As a female rapper, Nicols is diversifying the male-dominated rap music scene and bringing her unique subjectivity in the form of art. Her debut song, “Black Diemen,” was released last year. causing quite a stir, this song touched upon crucial topics like climate change and its effect on vulnerable communities, racism, systemic inequalities and injustices, and so on. “Black Diemen” caused quite the stir and was well received by audiences. Fans are eagerly waiting for Li Li’s latest single and are excited to listen to it.

The singer-songwriter is adept at composing sexy yet soulful lyrics that are simultaneously enjoyable and serious. Nicols has several music inspirations. These include Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Kanye West, and a few others. Inspired by the way their music has the potential to touch hearts and change people’s lives, Nicols wishes to follow somewhat of a similar pattern and impact as many people as possible. Her ethos for hard work has been nurtured by her father, who, apart from instilling hard work, also instilled the love for music Nicols.

Life for this artist took a complete 180 degree in 2005 when hurricane Katrina hit. The life she knew was instantly destroyed, and her home was left in ruins. Although eleven-year-old Nicols was separated from her father for months, it was during this time that she was introduced to artists. From then onwards, Nicols’s life began to revolve around music. Now living in Atlanta, this young musician is ready to take over the hip hop scene with her exceptional wordplay and love for music.

Li Li Nicols is more than just a talented musician. An articulate writer, she is currently writing a TV series, some more songs, and a book. With her hands full of projects, it can be expected Nicols is going to deliver some really interesting concepts very soon. For more information on Li Li Nicols, please follow her Instagram by clicking here.




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