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San Francisco, California – May 20, 2020 – Levi Zadoff is a multifaceted, multi-talented hip hop artist, entrepreneur, and all-around brand that is set on taking over the industry one step at a time. The next being the release of a new EP likely dropping in the late summer Of 2020.

The nine-track EP follows the release of Levi Zadoff’s second project of 2018 titled Progress,’ and his most current singles from 2019, “Watch” and the Soundcloud exclusive, “50’s & 100’s.” A believer in the freedom of artistry, Levi Zadoff has put everything into developing himself as not only an artist that can be held up to the standards of Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Post Malone but also holds himself to the standards of a bonafide brand name that labels can attach themselves to with pride. That is because Levi Zadoff aspires to be like Jimmy Iovine; an innovator who is able to shine on his own, but also someone who can facilitate greatness in other people.

In 2018 Levi Zadoff released what he referred to as a “warm-up project” with ‘Progress’ doing impressive numbers. Shortly after this Levi Zadoff became a member of AXO Talent in Los Angeles, CA the following year. While he’s no longer active with AXO, he has remained close with the founder of the company. This year he found himself partnering with someone new, Jamieson Murphy under The Murphy Standard, LLC. affiliated with Whiteout. This partnership is the next step in Levi Zadoff’s goal to establish himself in the mainstream realm.

“He has an ear for a wide variety of sounds, genres, and themes he has cultivated over the years by working with different artists from many cultural backgrounds. Diversity in sounds is something that many artists lack. Levi has something like a 6th sense when it comes to knowing when to break the mold. This is what makes him who he is. For only taking music and the music industry seriously for a short time he has developed a substantial amount of accolades independently before partnering with anyone.” – BTRU Entertainment

Levi Zadoff has built a name for himself over the years, garnering fans from across the globe who have taken to his Soundcloud with fervor. Well over 50,000 followers across all platforms and counting have taken his music in. His latest single, “Watch,” has been streamed over four million times since its 2019 release, while the rest of his tracks receive tens of thousands of hits themselves.

Those interested in adding new music to their playlists, getting an advanced copy of Levi Zadoff’s upcoming EP for review when available, interviewing Levi Zadoff for their site, podcast, or radio shows, or those interested in connecting on music and business opportunities can reach out via the information provided below.

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Levi Zadoff is the next titan of industry when it comes to music. Take note, because this rising asset is making big moves this year.