It’s the Comeback For Bobby Zepplin: After Composing the Hit Song “SWAY” With Nexxthursday, Quevo, & Lil Yachty, Bobby Zepplin Is Claiming His Place In The Game

Staten Island, New York — Monday, September 20th, 2021 — Bobby Zepplin is making his Debut as a Recording Artist with his upcoming Single ” On God ” which will release on Monday, September 27th, 2021, he’s not just writing and coming up with catchy melodies and song ideas for the stars. Bobby Is putting his own story out and sound as a New emerging Artist by the name of Bobby Zepplin.

After Bobby Zepplin experienced success in the music industry in composing a Billboard charting song peaking at #35. Bobby Had the desire to reach even higher, so he created his own sound and he’s ready to tell his own story after 4 years of trial and error practising on FREE YOUTUBE TYPE BEATS, he’s is Now working with Multi-Gold & Platinum award-winning producers Like “Cito On The Beat” who assisted Bobby Zepplin on his Debut Single “On God” that will be releasing on all Platforms on Monday, September 27th, 2021.

” Some people catch themselves walking on thin Ice, they still believe something solid is keeping them up, it could be morals or other beliefs. Me I’m walking on water which represents FAITH in God and I stand on that” Words of Bobby Zepplin

We  Should be excited for the New Artist on the come up or “comeback” Bobby Zepplin is here to stay so lets see what he’s all about

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Falling in love with music at a young age was easy to do when growing up in Park Hill, Staten Island home to the notorious Wu Tang Clan. Young Bobby Zepplin was no exception to this rule.

Orphaned and moved from family member to family member as a little boy, Bobby learned early on how to dream big. Chasing those dreams became a passion and conquering those goals became his reality.

These fantasies would take him so much further than his own situations in life would have ever allowed most to imagine let alone attempt. But he’s not like most. The music that slowly immersed his very soul, taught him how to not just overcome his own circumstances but to succeed in the game of life writ large.

Throughout his love affair with; Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Trap, Gospel, and Afro-Caribbean genres of music, Bobby Zepplin learned how to embrace and own a song. Bobby will forever be committed to telling his story in hopes of inspiring others to search outside of their own heartbreaks and tragedies to find the same peace and love of self that he has.

Regaling his life through rhyme is what defines Bobby Zepplin. He doesn’t need to exude a copious amount of arrogance or an excessive dose of braggadocios bravado regarding his music. He simply needs to spit his power truth. And his community and his fans are all the better for it.



Bobby Zepplin
Bobby Zepplin


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