Ceo Mikey ReviewThe Windy City is known for a lot of things, and today we’re adding emcee Ceo Mikey to that long list. “Fathers Keeper” starts with a sample done in a falsetto, but then Ceo comes through with reality driven words. It’s an interesting sample too. It takes a minute to realize, because it’s been even longer since Kings of Leon were relevant. There’s quite the build up to “You Can’t Party with Us.” It’s quite the diss put to song, it’s also very hype and fun – even though it’s a dig at someone you don’t like. We go from keeping it real, to not playing around to a hard hitting joint with “No Love.” This one has a more aggressive take on the delivery end. That feel continues on with “I Did It (Outro).” That’s not where this ends though with Ceo Mikey. We’re going to wrap this up with a very interesting one, “Rigamortis.” It has this lowkey Mardi Gras feel in the beat, while the lyrics come across in a chilled manner. When it all boils down, Ceo Mikey is the full package. He can spit out rhymes about his life, tear you down or build the party. If you like well-rounded hip hop artists, check out Ceo Mikey sooner than later. (

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