Inspiring Listeners through Rich and Motivating Lyricism: Hip Hop Entrepreneur- Artist Grabbz Unveils New Track

With the release of his dynamic new track, “Toonies Loonies”, Grabbz once again showcases to the world, his inimitable musical magnetism

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada — March 26th, 2022 —A Hip Hop and Rap icon, Grabbz has been crafting stirring musical compositions, ever since he unveiled his debut single, “Nasty” in January 2022. The eclectic artist’s newest drop, titled, “Toonies Loonies” adds onto a rich roster that includes tracks such as “dolla for dolla” on which he featured with rising artist, Yo Gotti.

From being at the helm of his brand Hotgrabbz to stunning listeners under the purview of Grabbz, the seasoned composer, churns out music of diverse genres. Grabbz has played several different instruments and attended school for music, self-recording, mixing, mastering, and composing compelling compositions.

This year, Grabbz is looking forward to releasing a mixtape for listeners of his music. Inspired and motivated by his team, the artist remains grounded, in case he is engrossed with his business-

Having already made a way for himself in the business realm, Grabbz intends to become an independent icon in the realm of music as well. He remains charged by a motivation to expand his business endeavors and getting feedback to improve on his craft.

“I believe in karma, I believe what you put out in the universe will come back to you, good or bad. I believe in hard work, because most people that are talented don’t feel they have to work hard. The difference between me and them is that I believe in both,” says Grabbz regarding his musical methods.

The talented composer hopes to learn as much as he can to benefit himself and his family, believing strongly that ‘a jack of all trades and a master of none, can still be better than a master of one.” Grabbz remains inspired to be the best at what he does, and to build for himself a successful career through several businesses.

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Grabbz has been making music for years, but the artist only recently focused on letting the world hear his art. Grabbz’s debut single “Nasty” released for listeners on January 5th, 2022 and has heads nodding in approval with questions already anticipating the next release. He was also featured on Yo Gotti’s Dolla fo Dolla track, stunningly capturing the spirit of the track.

With those questions he surely responded quickly by giving fans another hit single “TOONIES LOONIES”, which is set to become a household favorite. Grabbz’s passion extends further than his music. Before rapping he’s been the owner of a popular Grabba company in Canada, Hotgrabbz. He opened his business in 2014 and has been focused on growing the brand ever since, with plans to expand his endeavors and make great music as well.


Name: Grabbz
Address: 85 dynamic dr, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 16478644241




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