Inspirational and Enthralling Rap and Hip-Hop Spectacle: Rising Artist Shu Da God Releases Stunning New Single

With his varied and diverse musical talents in songwriting, production and vocals, budding sensation Shu Da God is set to rise up the ladder of success, with an exciting new single “Will U Wait”.

Atlanta, Georgia – May 18th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Shu Da God is a true sensation when it comes to Rap and R&B music. With his refreshing and stirring new single titled “Will U Wait”, the talented artist is changing the scene for Hip Hop and Rap.

With his new music, the artist strikes a balance between music that is rooted in soulful and motivational narration, and beats that are catchy and melodious. “Will U Wait” follows up on his last single, which released in April 2021, and offers a fun and exciting mix. Driven by a passion for music and a goal to get his burning and inspirational stories out in the world, the growing artist is psyched to conquer every challenge in front of him.

Rising from the streets of Baltimore City, Shu Da God’s music encapsulates a rich and authentic spirit, which paints the true picture of the streets, life, and challenges that one has to face. His new single adds on to a stellar discography which is bound to be adored by fans, as a relatable and rich mix.

Influenced by Trap music and the work of artists such as DMX, Tupac, and Biggie, Shu da God uses his music as a channel of expression for his own independent experiences and the many sentiments he harbors.

“I give them a party type of vibe depending on the song, listening at my music and my writing skills progress, motivates me,” says the growing artist about his unique mixes.

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Shu Da God is an emerging rapper currently bringing his heavy-hitting anthems to the global stage. Unveiling the truth about the life on streets of America, the stirring artist effortlessly mixes together intelligent lyricism with hard-hitting hooks. The young artist has been writing poetry since he was just five years old and was soon encouraged to meld his poetry with rhythmic compositions, which later resulted in a Rap style.

Having experienced the dangers and obstacles of the dark parts of the city, the budding singer uses his tracks to voice his experiences. To date, Shu da God has released a string of memorable singles such as “Alive” and “Eenie Meanie”, fueled by raw and intimate emotions, delivering a hard-hitting narrative. With his versatile musical identity, he hopes to continue producing musical singles, and establish his own record company in the future.



Name: Shu Da God
Phone Number: (470)-302-2680
Email Address: [email protected]





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