Infusing Gospel Undertones With Rhythmic Rap Beats – Rising Artist ‘Sinseer’ Pens Praise Song For His Mother

Paying homage to all the mothers out there, Sinseer’s latest release reverberates echoes of love and regret.

Swainsboro, Ga — Jacory La’Keith Thomas is an up and coming gospel rapper and songwriter who prefers to go by the stage name ‘Sinseer’. Born in Augusta, Ga, on July 1st, 1987, he was brought up in Swainsboro, Ga. His latest single is an extremely heartfelt homage to his mother, and all the mothers around the world. Collaborating with his brother Wave on this single, the icing on the cake of his appreciation was to release the single on his mother’s birthday on February 19th, 2022.

What listeners can expect to feel from this release are waves of love, appreciation, and regret, with regret being the outlier. Upon careful introspection and taking numerous trips down memory lane, Sinseer has successfully managed to capture the loving and wholesome relationship people around the world have with their mothers.

‘Mama’, his latest release, is unique because unlike other praise songs for mothers and motherhood, it beautifully captures the element of regret. The regret we all feel for putting our mothers through hardships and unease. Sinseer understands that relationships are complicated, especially with people you love. His empathy shines through each and every lyric so that every listener feels that the song was specifically curated for them.

What makes Sinseer as an artist unique is his profound ability to use his real life situations and to incorporate them into his music in a way that comes across as him telling his audience a story. Championing his unique individuality, Sinseer exudes the confidence of an artist who knows how unique he and his story are. Sinseer believes his biggest motivation for grinding is so people can see where he used to be in life and where he is currently. He strongly espouses the ideals of never giving up and never doubting oneself because that is the kind of attitude which earns God’s men His mercy. Being mindful of his social responsibility as an artist with a platform, Sinseer aspires to give back to his community, his city, his state, and his country by building community centres for all ages. With a strong faith in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, Sinseer aims to keep creating beautiful music with the intention of changing lives of as many people as possible financially and spiritually.

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Jacory La’Keith Thomas was born in Augusta, Ga on July 1, 1987. Raised in Swainsboro, Ga, he is currently 34 years old and has been making music since he was a 19 year old, on and off. His initial attempts at music were just related to synthesising beats and working more in the production field. It was years later that he realised his ability to rap and even consider rapping. His latest release is titled ‘Mama’, and it is a praise song for his mother, and a love letter to all mothers out there.


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