Impaq Brings the Thunder

Impaq ReviewImpaq is a hip hop group from Ohio that goes hard, but can soften up when need be. “For My Brother” has a really low key beat to it. It’s more about letting the force of the story behind the lyrics come through, and they do. The message is loud and clear – you don’t want to mess with the family. In “Thunder” the mood sounds like it’s lightened just a bit, but once things really get started you’re introduced to music that sounds otherworldly and there is a sense of aggression. It really is like a thunderstorm of sound coming at you. With “All My Life,” it’s not a cover of the classic K-Ci & JoJo track but this one doesn’t have that fierceness that’s come from the other two. Impaq has taken a break from the intimidation just a bit but keeps up their guard with a shark attack pace throughout. Speaking of letting down the guard, we have the more romantic and easygoing Impaq in “Lil’ Mama.” It’s definitely a different side of the emcee and it’s well received. If you’re a fan of hip hop that has a hard shell but has bits and pieces that are softer, check out Impaq now. (

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