Illustrating the Rough Tides of Life through Unwavering Hip Hop: KG Drops Powerful Rap Records

With headstrong, relentless, and uncompromising verses, talented Rapper KG is taking leaps in the Hip Hop world

Boston, MA — June 12th, 2022- For some who try their luck in the Hip Hop world, making music is more than just getting streams, hits, and views. Rather, composing a track defines them and becomes a source of letting them share their emotions in a spectacular fashion. One such artist is KG, a rapper from Boston, who is winning hearts one track at a time.

Motivated by the rough patches in life that kept pulling him down, KG took it upon himself to ink his own life story. Recalling how writing lyrics and recording became his “outlet”, the dynamic artist notes how his music is setting him apart from rappers who add no meaning to their craft.

For KG, music has always acted as a medium of expression, a motivation to get through the hardest of times, in search of the light at the end of the tunnel. His verses and rhythms became his strongest ally and intensified a passion for finding his own raw and authentic voice.

Luckily for the young artist, audiences have been resonating with his story. KG’s musical records and singles, such as “Hood Cry”, “Party Time”, “Nemesis”, “Winner”, and “Trophy” have already accumulated an increasingly high number of streams. “Hood Cry” alone has garnered more than 26,000 streams on Spotify, propelling the singer-songwriter to new heights.

Visit KG’s official website to check out his music and stream his tracks on Spotify! Make sure to follow the artist on social media for updates on new drops and reach out to KG through email for interviews, reviews, and collaboration opportunities.



KG is an independent, talented Hip Hop artist who hails from Boston, Massachusetts. The artist has been writing lyrics for several years and has also started his independent record label called NXTLVL Records.

For the past 3 years, KG has been religiously recording, attempting to find notes that are hard-hitting and penning poetry that hits all the right places. His musical efforts have seen him work alongside several maestros of the game, including DJ Dwiz and WrightChoice Entertainment.

“I’m all about making good music for people to vibe to, with dope productions by some of the biggest names in the business,” says KG.


Name: KG
Email: [email protected]




Source: ArtistPR

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