Hundo grew up on the south side of Pennsylvania hundo always had a nac for music since his dad introduced him when he was 10 years old ever since then hundo never looked back and kept going and created his own music and art. Hundo is also very inspired by jay-z,l lil Wayne, rod wave and etc

Allentown, Pennsylvania — Hundo’s music connects with fans who understand heartbreak or go through it. Hundo also has a versatile side where he can rap and flow.

hundo is compared to artists like ynw melly, and polo g with his styles.

Hundo has to feel a connection to his beats for his emotions to really be felt In his songs.

everything you moneyba$ hundo go through In his music is true and he hopes he can help fans relate.

In conclusion, listen to moneyba$ hundo because he is the right person who can help someone who’s going through something or just have good vibes. And his music is really good

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Moneyba$ hundo
Name: Moneyba$ Hundo




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