Hopeful and Intimate R&B Music: Dewaine G Jackson and Marco Franca Release An Exciting New Single On Keeping Love Close.

Hopeful and Intimate R&B Music: Dewaine G Jackson and Marco Franca Release An Exciting New Single On Keeping Love Close.

“One For Me” is a beautiful and soulful new anthem for all the listeners that have been fortunate enough to find genuine love and trust in their life. 

Phoenix, Arizona — May 27th, 2022- Dewaine G. Jackson and Marco Franca released a new single that speaks of love and loss with great sensitivity and foresight. This consortium of music tries to make listeners feel a deep sense of nostalgia and hope both for all the good things that have already passed and the ones that are yet to come. It is in this way that the music stands at the beautiful cups of reality and imagination.

“One For Me” is a meticulously crafted beautiful single that wishes to embody the sweet feeling of love in listeners. This is a slow love song that is meant to be listened to with a loved one. It is a musical masterpiece for all those that wish to express deep gratitude, belonging, and love for their significant others. It is in the beauty of the slow melody and sweet lyrics that the audience can find a safe space for relation.

Jackson and Franca are known for producing music from the heart; music that is reminiscent of an old, foregone time. They try to emulate the feeling of an old-school love story with this new single. It is a labor of love, literally a product of the immense collaborative effort of Yorman Williams, Tom Granberg, and Sandy Lamont.

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Jackson and Franca, childhood friends, both started learning to play instruments in grade school. Dewaine always played drums but simultaneously also always had music in her head; both her instrument and her imagined tunes creating melodies in harmony. It is this talented music that has also been picked up by a professional group.

The eclectic artists hope to make feel-good, dance music that both relate to listeners on exceptionally personal levels but also makes them groove to the melodies. “Only For Me” is the first step in the direction of music that inspires the rising stars. As independent artists, Jackson and Franca, have to work hard to make sure that they get the right sound; working tumultuously matching the tunes in front of them with the tunes in their heads.

In a bid to make feel-good music the aspiring musicians help create music in a way in which both their talents are used in extremely conducive ways. This song is one such endeavor that proves their commitment to each other and music. For their next release, both musicians wish to work on something a bit more upbeat and catchy so that their lyrical masterpieces as sung from all corners of the world!


Dewaine G Jackson and Marco Franca
Name: Dewaine G Jackson
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YouTube: https://YouTube.com/watch?v=ANOUdayC28k

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