Hip Hop on Ice with Clifton Dukes

Born in Pennsylvania, Clifton Dukes started spitting rhymes as a career later on in San Antonio, Texas. Today he resides a ways away from there in Austin. No matter the place though, the talent remains the same. You can hear what he’s made of with just one track. Take “Black Butterfly” for example. You can tell he takes his time to construct not only the lyrics at hand, but the beat to make for a well composed package. He takes his time to get into it with “The Way I Like It,” but when he comes in, he does so smooth and it was well worth the quick wait. While he’s not as mild tempered as Common, he is near that style. Only in the way that he doesn’t deliver a hearty punch, but more of a smooth sailing sort of way with his rhymes. Perhaps he’s more like Lupe Fiasco in that way. You could hear his rhymes taking over college campuses if that’s the case. If you’re a fan of Fiasco, kick and push your way towards Clifton Dukes today. (https://soundcloud.com/cliftondukes)

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