Heat Up Your Winter with AyooiNk

AyooiNk ReviewAyooiNk went from Jersey to Miami to ensure his heat stayed on top. “Hip Hop Vs. EDM” is a remix intertwining Beyonce and dance music. It’s low key though. It isn’t one of those raging raver tracks, but more demure. With “Spring Madness” you get a very enticing feminine voice and then AyooiNk comes in sounding a bit like Drake. It’s a slow jam and tells a very intricate and heartfelt story. It’s a good one that shouldn’t be missed. Things continue to go slow as “Koolin Mix Pt. 2” begins. It gets a little mid-tempo with some help from an emcee who could be mistaken for Lil Wayne. We finally get something hype from AyooiNk with “Dnt Believe Da Hype.” If you had to put two songs out to best represent the full spectrum of what he can do as an artist and creative spirit, it’d be this one and “Spring Madness.” Both are able to captivate an audience with different elements. Make sure to take some time today to check out an emcee who can make you swoon and move, AyooiNk. (https://soundcloud.com/ayooink)

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