Get to Know Fresco_letsgo

Fresco_letsgo ReviewDown in the Bluegrass state Fresco_letsgo is working hard to make his name a household one across the world. “Can’t Sleep” is an ironic one to start off with since the rain is falling hard outside my window and I could curl up into a ball, but alas I have this banging track playing and cannot. The beat sounds like something sort of industrial, but the lyrics are a little lost in between. With “Saint” we get a cleaner sound. “Shine” has a daunting vibe that sounds a little like the start of a horror movie involving ghosts. Then it never really picks up. When all’s said and done, Fresco_letsgo has gotten a great grasp on making beats, but needs to work on making the rhymes pop just as much. You can check out Kentucky’s own Fresco_letsgo now. (

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