A.G ReviewMany like to pretend they know about hardship to seem like they have an edge, and those people are quite annoying. You know the type, they almost always have a sob story about a divorce when you’re standing there never knowing your dad. Well A.G is an emcee who made me think about that when his “What The Know Bout” blasted through my speakers. It sang that notion loud and proud and it was picture perfect. In reality, that would be all he needed to make his presence known – but lucky for you he has more than that on his plate. The apparent thing about A.G is that his rhymes come out fierce. That was apparent in the first track and even more so in “Pouring The Syrup.” He does however have a soft side and that can be heard in the more romantic, “Can’t Leave You Alone.” If you’re a fan of rappers who keep it real, check out A.G now. (https://soundcloud.com/slum_boy_ag)

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