GIIXX ReviewGIIXX does things differently, but they pay off. “Hypnotized” sounds like an old school song that your dad would’ve listened to intertwined with something that’s a little more modern. The beat wants you to move, but the vocals want you to just groove nice and slow. That same sentiment comes in again as we hit “Thirsty Thursday.” Based on the content though, I could see this being a club favorite towards the end of the week. GIIXX plays around with a little soul influence with “Who Dat.” It’s almost sensual as he continues to ask the title. Speaking of, he gives that off again with “The Way She Moves.” While GIIXX started out as a throwback, he quickly came into the new millennium fast. If you’re a fan of hip hop that takes on a R&B cover, check out GIIXX today. (

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