Ga’briel Takes You Higher

Ga'briel ReviewWhen you read about a Christian rapper, you really don’t know what to expect and that was the case with Ga’briel. He’s got this aggression to him that makes you stand with your full attention to him. This is especially true with “Blessings Came Out.” It’s this dynamic track that takes you for a ride and is top notch. With “On My Own” he’s joined by Brittany Friday. On this one, the emcee doesn’t let up but the sound is soothed by the presence of his friend. That energy level is still high, ironically with “Fly High.” It’s clear that when it comes to Christian rap, things have changed from when it first emerged and it sounds more mainstream than anything, but has lyrics that make you think. Check out Ga’briel now if you’re into hearing some great music, from a talented emcee. Regardless of your beliefs, this is great stuff. (

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