From “I’m Getting Married” to which “songs”, Block Kay?

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa — Friday, September 24th, 2021 — Musician, Audio Books Author, Poet, Lyricist (or locally known as Authoring), songwriter, initially coming from a multimedia storytelling background, these days his focused on composition and lyrics writing, songs-composition and so on.

His new blood that wrote a few A cappella audio poems that were published on streaming services, his second single album was a rock single as reviewed by – under his other unofficial stage name Wan Ink. Buy/or/& Stream this record on any streaming platform of your choice. One of Artist’s notable singles: War Against Woman (Stop 3), Rock so as rated by, Block Kay & just because he likes using words in art [music, poetry, fine art] and literature [books]; his love moved him to write his début book, a poetry anthology, released on, you get it when you buy his record: War Against Women (Stop 3), at His second audiobook was released as a YouTube original, an audiobook that you can stream for free on YouTube. Learn something about AI (humanity’s future) and pass time. The man who maintains “Art is a reflection of society”, – Westside Local Newspaper/ by Block Kay.

Here’s the answer to the headline question, as he would have it, his contribution to the economy was launched not so long ago, Block launched his e-commerce website (build inside, WhatsApp) here’s the address: Most of his records are in there to stream for free/or buy. You might just find another artist there with him.

He tells us that his friends tell him things like: “is 10% talent and 90% hard work”, “we budget for our basic life’s demand, but not for our emotions, needs, soul needs, like music evokes a certain emotion in us”.

Poetry Beginnings: Celebrity Collection (read/listen to them free on IG or FB), find-out-more on: (Beta project): when you buy Block Kay’s début single: War against Woman, you also get his poetry anthology free, he could not sell it at this stage, because of stage names and whatever copyright issues, that have not been considered, it’s an experimental project, something happened during the project to interrupt getting permission, but now, the fans of many artists featured on this project/(eBook), demand will justify supply.

This is a collection of poems, have been written with the intention of giving them rhythm. “He wrote them because he wanted to combine his experience in visual arts/ music & poetry together, fusion with house music, which his also interested in. He made the intended audience wide, young whites, young blacks music lovers and many other groups like young adults and so on. He’s uniquely qualified to write these poems because he holds a B Tech Degree in Multimedia from the University of Johannesburg, as he said a picture can literally paint a thousand words.

While he likes working within a proven method, he finds himself in love with music so much that he embarked on a music fusion project to promote his loved celebrities, and he later became a full-time artist/indie musician/rapper himself. Go on and read his free/fun celebrities’ poems on FB or IG. He is still not signed but has a royalty collection deal with people like, in collaboration with Sony Music.

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INSTAGRAM: @blockkaybk
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Hip-Hop, sometimes a fusion of that Rap & Rock, House & Spoken Word/ &/ or Poetry. Developing the moods, for those who have that consciousness. Battles, just because he’s bored now, watch this space, he tells us he can give out too much.



Block Kay
16 Loerie Street, Meyerton


Source: ArtistPR

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