Freebie Power with Message Forums

Freebie Power with Message Forums

Freebie Power with Message Forums

Message forums are sometimes referred to as message boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards, blogs and postboards. They are all essentially the same thing, a communication platform to allow the free flow of typed conversation between users. This is the foundation of an online community. The main purpose of a message forum is to cultivate repeat visits from users and to facilitate fresh, highly relevant user generated content. Chat and other real time tools come into play in creating an online community, but message forums provide other benefits including pages for search indexing, SEO benefits and archived content.

Message forums are an excellent way to facilitate discussions on topics of interest, sell products or create service awareness, provide support, help and tutorials, exchange information (tips, coupons, etc.), gain valuable feedback on a product or service, establish an online community, simply have an online presence without domain name registration or hosting (if signed up for a hosted solution – message forum is hosted elsewhere). The reasons to add a message forum to a website are numerous.

Besides helping to cultivate repeat users that are egar to read replies to their messages and post new messages in search of replies message forums provide user generated content which can be indexed in search engines and help to add more substance and, or depth to a website. Once users subscribe as members and become regulars on the message forum the message forum will grow which in turn attracts new users, new posts, new replies and so forth. If topics are modeled around the context of a website then its likely the content posted in the message forums will be a high relevance.

With messages being archived in the forum users can refer to message content at a later date, book mark it and, or refer friends to the message to read it. It’s very typical, as in the example of technical support, many users will suffer from the same issue, search the web, find and read the same message forum post. Usually thanking the person who posted the information they were seeking which in turn highlights the knowledge of the poster. This in turn provides another reason for members to post besides their good nature and desire to share.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain a message forum is to sign up with a third party provider. There are many free message forum providers ( that offer complete, hosted message forum solutions. Usually you retain full control over the administration of the message forum and the provider keeps the forum up and running eliminating this worry from a webmasters shoulders. Webmasters and site owners sign up and receive a link to their instantly created message forum which they in turn add to thier website (usually under the link text Forums, Message Forum, etc.).

It’s important to promote the message forum and make sure website visitors know its there. Whether this be linking it in highly visible spots on a website, adding it to link directories and, or email newsletter blasts to registered mailing list subscribers make sure users are aware not only of the message forum but how it benefits their needs (get support, read tutorials, articles, get help, etc.).

Why not harness the power of a message forum today. It’s free offering big value.

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