Free Speech with Comondabeat

Com ReviewMilwaukee’s Comondabeat isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind as he relays his life to a stellar set of beats. “Karma” is all about the chilled, relaxed feel. The lyrics tell a story a lot can relate to about a girl, but overall it’s one of those songs you can just kick back to. With “Hippieish” the intro takes you on a worldly trip. It has this Indian feel to it that really stands out even though it remains in the background. That paired with the more aggressive pace of Comondabeat’s flow pairs nicely. There’s a clear connection with that track and “I’m Rollin.” He starts with a shout out to the hippies, but that’s where it stops because this seems to be the most real track coming from this emcee. Creative minds can totally relate to this one. Those who choose to take that path rather than college or a nine to five. Lastly, “Nuthin Changed” kind of takes us back to where we started in the case of wanting to sit back and relax with the beat. However, what’s clear as glass is that Comondabeat is a storyteller and does it well. if you’re into hip hop that has a base in reality, check out Comondabeat – he has a lot in his back pocket to discover. (

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