Electronics Joins Piano Songs to Create a New Side of Music Stories

Where Night Never Comes, winner of “2018 SoloPiano.com Best Album Overall,” Gets Remixed by Olivia Belli herself on April 26, 2019

Italy – March 18, 2019 – Olivia Belli’s 2018 debut album is getting a makeover with the release of a six-song EP entitled Where Night Never Comes REMIXES on April 26, 2019.
Over five million streams and counting, Olivia Belli is one of the most promising Italian pianist and composer in music today. Her debut full album Where Night Never Comes was released in October 2018: 16 original tracks of pure delight for fans of Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass and Max Richter. Her 2018 release found great success atop the Modern Classical Chart on Reverbnation, and was named the 2018
SoloPiano.com‘s Best Album Overall.
Now Olivia Belli is taking things up a notch by releasing a companion album of remixes: Where Night Never Comes REMIXES celebrates and elevates what Olivia Belli did with her last release by showcasing a new side of the music.

“The story behind the songs found on REMIXES are almost the same that inspired my debut album but using an intensive electronics (not so common in my genre of a modern piano song composer) I manage to make it more vivid. It is as I wrote a screenplay for each track. My main goal with Remixes was to be a musical storyteller: to make the movie scene enter in the music and not the music become a soundtrack.”

In the past two years, Olivia’s tracks have been chosen for the Starbucks, Spotify and Digster Official Playlist while others have been broadcasted by Classic FM, Radio France, Cincinnati FM.
She has also been featured in Piano and Coffee, YesnoMusic, Drifting Almost Falling, Composer Tool Box, Gezeitenstrom Musik Magazin; interviewed by Meet The Artist, Particular Sounds, Music Musing and Such; broadcasted on ODEON TV, SKY and RAI.
Breathing new life into her own work, Olivia Belli is sure to impress all over again with the release REMIXES.

Those interested in reviewing her release, featuring Olivia Belli on their site, podcast, or show, or are interested in interviewing her can reach out via the information provided below.

Where Night Never Comes REMIXES
Listen free in exclusivity preview at: https://bit.ly/WhereNightNeverComes-REMIX-preview
Watch: https://bit.ly/OliviaBelli-RemixVideo

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