Ej the Witchdoctor: The United Race Ov America

ej-the-witchdoctor-the-united-race-ov-america-reviewEj the Witchdoctor’s “The United Race Ov America” is an album for hip hop fans who like their music a little different. “The Real Hood” has a beat that lingers in the nu-soul side of the spectrum, but the delivery is based in hip hop. So you kind of get this wonderful, eclectic sound that may remind you of Outkast. “LoudPack” follows that same page, but has a little bit more attitude, as does “Imma F**k Wit You” and “Run S**t.” Then we go back to the soulful sound with “Gotta Be in Your Heart.” Ej the Witchdoctor is all over the place, but in a manner that’s structured out well enough to follow. If you’re into hip hop that’s packs some soul into it, check out Ej the Witchdoctor’s album “The United Race Ov America.” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-united-race-ov-america/id632822235)

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