DiCipher Is Heading Places

DiCipher ReviewDiCipher is on point and sounds like a heavy hitter already. “Can You Feel Me” has this more street version of Common feel going on. The lines are clean and fresh and it’s refreshing to hear such precision coming from an indie artist. The start of “Let’s Make History” makes you agree to the task at hand right away. Then the rhymes kick in and it’s even grander. Duk hops on “So Good” and the two give a great performance that’s hype. That energy continues on with “Blue Sky.” It’s upbeat but not out of control. The best and probably most eye catching is “Attention Whores.” How can you go wrong with a title at that? You can’t and that’s proven from the press of play. If you are searching endlessly for an emcee who possesses a sense of professionalism then by all means – check out DiCipher ASAP. (