Diamond District Entertainment is Lighting Up the Massachusetts Hip Hop scene with Marx Diamond and Tok The Outcast King

Focusing on relatable and wide-ranging themes, artists Marx Diamond and Tok The Outcast King have the talent and drive to create the next chart-topping hit.

Brockton, Massachusetts- August 13th, 2021- Sending waves in the world of Hip Hop and Rap, rising artists Marx Diamond and Tok The Outcast King are on the right tracks towards success, growing with each new release, and forming their own stunning identity. Having put out an engrossing collaborative single in summer 2020, titled “Dusk Till Dawn”, coupled with a visually appealing music video, the duo is currently looking forward to their own independent singles.

A brilliant mix of vocals and lyrical energy, “Dusk Till Dawn” has already amassed over 42 thousand views on YouTube, and forms just one part of the musical prowess that the two artists have to offer. Apart from the collaborative single, Marx Diamond’s ” Diamond District” and “Nouveau” have also surged towards popularity, garnering a total of 500,000+ streams on Spotify with 250 thousand perspectives for each release. A seasoned artist, Marx Diamond has released a full-length album on August 17th,2021, titled “VVS“.

As Marx Diamond moves closer towards his release, Tok the Outcast King is also simultaneously looking towards the release of his full-length album “Marketing and Soul Pt.2:Soul“. The upcoming album will provide listeners with a conscious vibe, distinct from the artist while illustrating the struggles of self-discovery and loss. Reminding listeners about a crucial reality of life- that even when life isn’t how we planned, it still isn’t something worth giving upon. Catalyzing motivation, passion, and a burning realization, the single is bound to surge to success.

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Marx Diamond is a Brockton-based rapper who began his musical voyage, with the release of his debut single “Rock the Covers” and his subsequent debut album “Diamond District”. Using hard-hitting rhymes, captivating rhythms, and a versatile yet consistent vocal genius, Marx Diamond has continued to chase his musical dreams, inspired by it since picking up his first instrument at 8 years of age. Currently, the artist aims to ascend the charts of Rap, while stunning listeners with his brilliance as an instrumentalist, producer and engineer.

Born and raised in Brockton in Massachusetts, Chris Watkins, known by his stage name Tok the Outcast King, is ready to set the bar for Hip-Hop artists in the Brockton and Dorchester area. Rapping since the young age of 8, the electic artist-poet decided to pursue music at the age of 21. Growing up singing in choirs, Tok participated in numerous musicals and plays as well and is currently looking forward to establishing himself as a seasoned Rap artist.


Name: Diamond District Entertainment
Email Address: [email protected]


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheDistrict508
Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/thedistrict508/
Twitter  https://twitter.com/TheDistrict508
YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdUWJihKQ4WO8SYPe6pi37A/featured
SoundCloud  https://soundcloud.com/marxdiamondyrn
Spotify  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3EPhcjUe34vfzWuQKYXySm

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