Detailing Life Through Invoking The Power Of Melodic Hip Hop Beats That Energise: Senior To Drop His Second Album Break & Tell

Giving listeners an insight into the tumultuous life of a rising artist, Senior seeks to shed light on his life through his soothing voice, calming all those who listen to his tracks, for a journey through his struggles and successes

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – July 15th , 2021 – Montreal-based artist Senior’s second studio album “Break and Tell” is bound to hit stores, taking inspiration from a number of artists that rose from the streets of his homeland. Senior channels artists such as Drake and the Weeknd, as he recalls the sorrows that he faced throughout his many struggles, which then fed into his victories that he is now living through.

Giving you a taste of the life of Senior, “Break and Tell” moves from melancholic and brooding tunes to energetic beats bound to make anyone rise to their feet. Displaying the dynamic range of the Senior, the album seamlessly weaves melancholic tunes with energetic beats, showcasing how life moves from one moment to another in a split second.

In order to get a bigger dose of the life of Senior, follow his socials and stream his music, all of which gives an unfiltered look into his life as it unfolds, giving you a front row seat to all the happenings and all that is going on in his life.





Based in Montreal, Senior is an artist who seeks to channel the reality around him as it exists into his music, and project it to the wider world at large. Every step he has taken in his musical endeavors, is in accordance with finding new rhymes and lyrics that express his life to the world. Hailing from the mean streets of Montreal, Senior has plenty of experiences that may shock even the mildest souls present, as he lays everything out in detail for us to observe.

Believing in the transformative power of music, Senior believes in the ability of his music to be an experience that transcends boundaries, and allows for him to connect with an international audience on a deeper level. All of this creates a sound that allows for listeners to relate with his lived experiences.



Name: Senior

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