Dat Bul ReviewDat Bul is a force to be reckoned with on the mic. His buddy Jai comes through on “Falling Down.” This one is a slow paced track that picks up soon after it starts in a bit of an aggressive manner. Things smooth out when “Sometimes I Talk” comes around. This one really showcases the person behind the lyrics well. “Since I Started” has a great bounce to it that makes you just bob your head to every lyric escaping his lips. With “I Like Dis” things get a bit more in your face, but just a bit. Dat Bul comes across a little more aggressive but not in a Busta Rhymes way, just takes more charge than the other tracks we’ve heard thus far. We’re ending this with a really high note with the Rasta feel of “Streets Is Hot.” The hook has that island feel, but the rhymes are true blue Dat Bul style. If you like hip hop that’s got energy but can also keep it cool, check out Dat Bul now. (https://soundcloud.com/dat-bul)

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