D.P.S Releases His Debut EP Cardiology

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Friday, July 23rd, 2021 — Philadelphia Hip Hop artist D.P.S releases his debut EP Cardiology, a collection of Hip Hop love songs.

For lovers of that classic hip hop sound and the love songs it produced such as The Light (by Common) or Luv U Better (by LL Cool J). This is a project that will definitely take you back to that space and time. It is currently streaming on all platforms and has a collection of visuals also available on YouTube.

When asked D.P.S says “I’ve always been a fan of love songs that actually talk about love as opposed to the things you hear nowadays that speak more about the psychical than the emotional aspects of love.”

“When I write it’s from my own experience and I trust that the listener will be able to relate to it.”

D.P.S does a wonderful job of delivering honest and emotional performances throughout with a voice and tone that is both soothing to the ear and easy to follow. Overall Cardiology takes the listener on journey telling a tale of new found love, love lost and finding love again. Made for those who appreciate a sound in hip hop that is both refreshing and different.

Listen to it now on your favorite DSP, watch the videos on You Tube and give a visit to his official website.





D.P.S is an artist/producer/songwriter from Philadelphia. His music covers a wide variety of topics all stemming from personal experience, ranging from tales of the heart to all the struggles of life and family. His music is a blend of old-school trap and contemporary Hip Hop, he seamlessly blurs the lines between different ideas, while also striving to add more to the table and create some outstanding sonic dynamics. Soulful Hip Hop with honest and eloquent lyricism delivered with a smooth and effortless tone.

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