Cujo Proclaims “No More” With Latest Release

New Hip Hop Single Available Now 


San Antonio, Texas – November 3, 2020 – While some have been taking a break in 2020, Cujo has been doing quite the opposite. He dropped an album and a few singles, including his latest addicting release, “No More.” 

“No More” is the latest release from Cujo, who has stayed on point throughout 2020. With a vibe that is chill and smooth, this track builds up, and then when it gets going – listeners will be unable to deny its charm and charisma. That is because that’s what Cujo is all about. He displays that not only with “No More,” but on the cascade of releases he’s dropped throughout 2020 including his album, ‘Letters from My Heart.” In the coming months, Cujo promises his biggest release to date as it will feature notable guests. Stay tuned for that!

Inspired by the likes of everyone from Tory Lanez to Michael Jackson, Cujo wanted to make music that was both personal and universal; music people could relate to. He has lived a life full of struggle and sadness. It was the loss of his brother that made him go all-in with his music and work hard to get to where he is today. 

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