ct-reviewCt (In The Game) is a MC from Kansas City, Missouri who brings it and does what he does well. “Krank Up The Volume” says the title the whole time and it’s more a song that you’d spin along with another in a DJ set. That’s where it’d shine most. “Turn Out The Lights” is way different from the last. You can hear Ct’s voice taking over and not just rhyming. “S.T.W.O.F.” takes it back to the hip hop base while “Demons&Nightmares” picks it up and tosses the others out the window. It’s a fresh track that shows what Ct can really do. It’s the best representation of his music and the others are good but this one’s the best. If you’re into hip hop where the Ct brings it, check out Ct (In The Game). (https://soundcloud.com/ct-in-the-game)

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