CozMiC Shoots for the Stars

Over in Texas sits CozMiC, a young emcee who does his thing right. “No Flex Zone” has this really cool conversational tone to it at times that make it an interesting listen. With “Or Nah” you get the sexy time track. It oozes sex appeal and sensuality and goes nice and slow. That idea comes across in the more mid-tempo ways of “Got That Body.” This one sounds like it comes straight from the Cash Money camp. Then we take a walk down memory lane with “I’m On It” thanks to the it’s sick beat and shout out to the likes of Tony the Tiger. Then we head back to the female form with “Like a Drum.” This one has an addicting beat, you’ve been warned. If you’re into young hip hop that sounds ready for the club, check out CozMiC now. (

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