Contemporary Hip Hop and Pop Galvanized with a Tint of Nostalgia – RCC Stimulates with Expressive and Captivating Blends

Exciting audiences with their memorable and striking tastes, RCC display a breadth and flow which remains unrivalled in the up-and-coming scene

Phoenix, Arizona —Having sculpted their own identity in the Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop scene, RCC is a musical collective that is only going up and up. Submersing listeners into a retro, nostalgic style which takes them back to the golden age, and yet balancing their act with a modern touch, RCC is pure talent.

The electric trio puts on performances that are rooted in expressive lyricism, dancing, catchy hooks and music that is so expansive that it seeps into various genres. A unique set of individuals, each powered with a different skill, RCC represents the collective voice of 2 brothers and 1 sister.

RCC’s music includes fascinating singles such as, “She Likes Me (Remix),” “Stuck,” “Who’s Better,” “Same Thing,” and other tracks. The inventive artists rap, sing, write their own music and play instruments themselves as well. Sharing their masterful craft with audiences, RCC stands out in the way they incorporate humor in their music as well as in their eclectic live performances.

A class apart from other entertainers in music, RCC is able to easily adapt and switch between completely different styles of music. When performing, the artists oscillate between acoustic sets to Hip Hop-style club mixes. Regardless of their techniques, the fantastic trio can stimulate and electrify audiences in their own charismatic way.

Motivated by the opportunities they get to do what they love to do as a career- performing their stunning original tracks- RCC is able to inspire, captivate and entice. Their effortless musical skills allow them to communicate with others and deliver a relatable and engaging soundtrack.

“We are inspired by fans who send us videos of us dancing while enjoying our songs and when they communicate how our music has touched them in many different ways. It also inspires us when fans go out their way to share our music.”

RCC has paved their own way with newfound success. RCC’s original song “Jealous” was played live on air on Shade 45. Due to the positive feedback from the callers, Sway, and his co hosts, the song now gets played periodically on Sway in the Morning on Sirius XM’s station, Shade 45. RCC also has a song called “STUCK” that on March 7th 2022, was the number 1 song requested in Arizona on Power 98.3. Additionally, their song “She Likes Me” was in Broadjams top 10 R&B list and was selected as the best R&B song in December of 2018.

Stream RCC’s sublime new musical compositions on their official music streaming platforms and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. Reach out to the artist through email for shows, interviews, collaborations, and other such inquiries.



RCC is a group made up of siblings (Reatch, Cherrelle, and Cudos) which specializes in singing, writing, and performing original R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop music. The RCC siblings grew up in a household with parents who had a gift and love of music. Both their parents are recording artists, performers, and song writers. Their father has received platinum awards for co-writing on the songs “Wet Dreamz” by J Cole, and “Like Father Like Son” by The Game and is also co-writer on the songs “Beltway” and “Exit Scott” by Solange. Meanwhile, their mother Trinna Simmons sang with the group Spearhead, which was signed to Capital Records. She also received a platinum award for her vocals on “Dangerous Minds” by Coolio, and has performed alongside notable artists such as Busta Rhymes, 3T, and The Fugees.

“We will not stop working until we reach our dreams of creating a lasting legacy” -RCC


Name: RCC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4803526907




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