Classic Rap and Easy Jams With MisterClassics’ ‘Back Alive’

The Georgia rapper brings you his first EP, available for download now

Atlanta, Georgia – March 2021 – Clean beats, mixed with classic bass, synths, and pianos with retro game-like notes build the sound of MisterClassics’ debut album, ‘Back Alive’.

Rapper, singer-songwriter, and hip hop artist MisterClassics has written, produced, engineered, and mastered the music for this EP, for which he has received tremendous feedback from his distributor and social media audience.
“What makes my music unique is my subject matter, I am transparent and use my experiences with every adversity I faced on my journey to be a successful independent artist,” says MisterClassics. “Most listeners hear [my stories] and are able to identify with [them]…I teach people – mainly the youth – lessons of wisdom on how to maneuver obstructions to become successful.”

MisterClassics favors a classic sound over the more modern evolutions of rap and hip hop. His music is reminiscent of ‘80s and’90s hip hop. His audience enjoys his vocals and flow style patterns, and note that the more they listen to his songs, the more they like them.

MisterClassics hopes to expand his audience and succeed in the business of music consistently as an independent artist. He also plans to give back to the music community by establishing his educational platform Jambox 101.
Jambox 101 will have MisterClassics teaching beginner and intermediate level artist and producers how to build their own home studios, mixing techniques and problem solving, and mentoring them through the process of becoming successful independent artists.

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MisterClassics is an artist, producer, songwriter, engineer, and Indie entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. He became enamored with the musical styles of the ‘60s through the ‘90s, thanks to the influence of his family. These styles now show up in his bass-heavy type songs with percussive drums, cadence snares, heavy kicks, synths and pianos selections, catchy hook writing, and smooth rhythmic flowing style of rap patterns.
He describes his music as Southern Style Rap Music, a combination of the sounds of Classic Southern Rap, and retro hip hop, with a modern spin.



Name: MisterClassics
Email: [email protected]



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