Christine Saadé – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)

Christine Saadé – Get Together  (Ft. Twisted Dee)


Canadian born musician, vocalist and songwriter Christine Saadé has recorded and released a series of well-received singles illustrating her audaciousness and vitality in the electronic dance music scene. Her newest single “Get Together”, a cut from the forthcoming EP release HYSC? EP 1, ups the stylistic ante quite a bit. She delivers a dance pop anthem for the masses that doesn’t cut corners but, instead, gives listeners a pyrotechnic and fully-rounded musical experience. The song features the talents of DJ Twisted Dee, but even one hearing will convince anyone that Saadé maintains the largest presence in this song thanks to a showstopper vocal. The song runs a little under four minutes in length. This shouldn’t be confused for a bare bones approach to songwriting in this style. She packs the experience of three songs into this compact package and the result is explosive. 

Imagining this song pumping through massive club speakers is a pleasing thought. It’s romping from the opening on, but it’s never crudely done. Instead, there’s plenty of evidence that the songwriting of this track is an exercise in technique and nuance. The electronica and interesting percussion sounds are tied up with each other in a way that somehow leaves a lot of space between the individual notes. It gives the song a lighter, brighter feel than other efforts from her peers while still pulsating with enormous rhythmic power. The track sinks its musical hooks into your ear at the start and doesn’t let you pull away. 

The song’s message is carried with great urgency by romping synthesizer lines and a strong undercurrent of percussion that keeps the song percolating from the first. Her vocals are the sonic equal of the music and the production keeps her steady and near the top of the mix. Twisted Dee’s contribution to this song enhances it a lot, but any great producer has to have the proper materials to work magic. All of the magic is present thanks to Saadé’s ability to realize her musical and personal vision. 

The message is also timeless and one that she clearly puts a great deal of herself into promoting. No matter how rich or wild the sonic swirl becomes around her, she never stops pushing her voice to its limits in order to push this song as high as it can go. Twisted Dee’s work emphasizes her voice right alongside the musical energy in a balanced way that brings its exhortative qualities even more to the fore. 

Christine Saadé wants to have a party, but she wants to have a party that turns into a movement. This is music filled with the energy of purpose rather than blind, brawling youthful electricity without reason or direction. “Get Together” doesn’t hide its heart and affirms the value of life and being heard with rare and impressive sincerity. Electronic dance music rarely comes as good as this and this release late in the year will nonetheless rank among the best songs from the genre this year.  


Scott Wigley

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