Chicago Executives Presents Firework Fallout Festival 


Online Music Festival June 29th – July 4th


Chicago, Illinois – June 11, 2020 – The world may not be ready for music lovers to return to their natural habits of venues and festival grounds but that doesn’t mean we have to let the music die. That is why Chicago Executives is proud to announce the Firework Fallout Festival that will be delivering live music and fest-vibes for five straight days. 

Firework Fallout Festival kicks off June 29th at noon and doesn’t wrap up until July 4th. Throughout those five days, fans will be welcomed to live performances from artists such as Mikey Dollaz, Sasha Go Hard, and Layla Khepri. There are a variety of tickets available. Some are even free! Those who’d like to upgrade their experiences at the online festival can do so by purchasing different artist slots. Each slot is different and comes with an array of various perks from meet and greets to Instagram shout outs from the artists themselves!  

The festival will also have a play-on Vh1’s ‘Pop Up Video,’ in which facts about the artist will pop up on screen throughout their performances. On top of that, fans will also see the artist’s social media links so they can like and follow what they see, tip jars to show more love, and chat rooms as well. It’s a new format for concert-going; a new, more immersive experience that puts fans right in the heart of the action from the comfort of their own home. Tickets start at $5, and the various slots range from absolutely free to $300. 

Firework Fallout Festival is brought to you by Chicago Executives, an all-inclusive record label, management, and artist development firm headed by Elizabeth Johanson. Johanson created Chicago Executives with independent artists and their needs in mind after a lengthy career in broadcasting. 

Those interested in covering the Firework Fallout Festival in any capacity whether it be a preview or review can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Firework Fallout Festival is offering music fans a chance to get back to their concert-going ways with a multi-day, online music festival. 

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